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Documentation Guide

This document is maintained in the repository go-kratos/ using the docusaurus as a document system. When repository content is updated, Github Actions will be automatically triggered to build and deploy documents.

Add/modify Documents#

First fork document repository, and clone to local.

You can then add or modify the appropriate documents under the corresponding subdirectory in the docs directory. The document format is Markdown and supports some extended syntax, as well as specifically supported syntax Docusaurus: Markdown Features

Note the following:

  • Subheadings of the body of the document should use a second or lower level of the title, i.e. ## or ### and so on, to avoid using a level 1 title.
  • For other pages within the document, references can be made directly by something like[document in a subfolder](subfolder/
  • If you add a new document, follow the instructions below to modify the sidebar so that the document can appear in the sidebar.

After committing to Github, create a Pull Request to the 'main' branch, waiting for merging by the maintenance team.

Modify the sidebar#

The entries for the sidebar are maintained in the file sidebars.js If you need to modify the sidebar, edit this file. Put subpath of docs and doc id into this .json file.

Please refer to the specific configuration method of this file Docusaurus: Sidebar

Document translation#

If you want to maintain multilingual translations, clone the document repository to local.

The corresponding language directory is in the i18n directory, such as the English version in i18n/en/docusaurus-plugin-content-docs/current, you can find or create a file corresponding to the docs directory, note that the id should be the same as the id of the corresponding file in docs. Once the appropriate document has been translated, it can be submitted.

Please refer to the advanced use of document translation Docusaurus: i18n - Using git