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Auth middleware is used to authenticate requests. Only those authenticated could be processed. At the same time, one can setup white list with selector middleware.



User should provider a jwt.Keyfunc as parameter.

  • http
httpSrv := http.NewServer(    http.Address(":8000"),    http.Middleware(        jwt.Server(func(token *jwtv4.Token) (interface{}, error) {            return []byte(testKey), nil        }),    ),)
  • grpc
grpcSrv := grpc.NewServer(    grpc.Address(":9000"),    grpc.Middleware(        jwt.Server(func(token *jwtv4.Token) (interface{}, error) {            return []byte(testKey), nil        }),    ),)


User should provider a jwt.Keyfunc as parameter.

  • http
conn, err := http.NewClient(    context.Background(),    http.WithEndpoint(""),    http.WithMiddleware(        jwt.Client(func(token *jwtv4.Token) (interface{}, error) {            return []byte(serviceTestKey), nil        }),    ),)
  • grpc
con, _ := grpc.DialInsecure(    context.Background(),    grpc.WithEndpoint(""),    grpc.WithMiddleware(        jwt.Client(func(token *jwtv4.Token) (interface{}, error) {            return []byte(serviceTestKey), nil        }),    ),)



Used to set the sigining method.

For examples:

import jwtv4 ""


Used to set the claims. Only work for client.

For examples:

claims := jwtv4.StandardClaims{}jwt.WithClaims(claims)


A simple demo

In particular, client is set to visit a service listening the port 9001. And that service should set a key as the same as the client one named serviceTestKey.

con, _ := grpc.DialInsecure(    context.Background(),    grpc.WithEndpoint("dns:///"),    grpc.WithMiddleware(        jwt.Client(func(token *jwtv4.Token) (interface{}, error) {            return []byte(serviceTestKey), nil        }),    ),)

Extract Users' Information#

In summary, one could get users' information by calling interface jwt.FromContext(ctx).

Under the hook, after processing by the middleware, the claims information would be stored into the context.

Source code:

func FromContext(ctx context.Context) (token jwt.Claims, ok bool)

White List Demo#

With selector middleware, one could setup white list. Ref:

Generate JWT Token#

Caution:The generated JWT Token is only used to the authentication between the client and the service. There are no interface that generated token for other use case. So user should write thire own code to satify thire use case.

There only one thing that the user should guarantee: client and service should use same sigining method and key. The external information, such as user information, could be set with WithClaims() option.