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Rate Limiter

Rate limiter middleware for server-side traffic control, with bbr limiter algorithm implemented by default.



Used to replace the default limiter algorithm

// WithLimiter set Limiter implementation,
// default is bbr limiter
func WithLimiter(limiter ratelimit.Limiter) Option {
return func(o *options) {
o.limiter = limiter

The custom limiter needs to implement the Limiter interface of aegis/ratelimit.

// Limiter is a rate limiter.
type Limiter interface {
Allow() (DoneFunc, error)


Use rate limiter in Server

var opts = []http.ServerOption{
// default is bbr limiter
// custom limiter

srv := http.NewServer(opts...)

Trigger rate limiter

When the rate limiter is triggered, the current request is rejected directly and error ErrLimitExceed will be returned, as defined below:

// ErrLimitExceed is service unavailable due to rate limit exceeded.
var ErrLimitExceed = errors.New(429, "RATELIMIT", "service unavailable due to rate limit exceeded")