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Quick Start


The version of kratos must be v2.0.0 or above.

Environment Requirements

These environments and tools must be installed properly.

The GO111MODULE should be enabled.

go env -w GO111MODULE=on

If you faced with network problem (especially you are in China Mainland), please setup GOPROXY


# install kratos CLI tool
go get -u

Project Creation

# create project's layout
kratos new helloworld

cd helloworld
# pull dependencies
go mod download
# generate proto template
kratos proto add api/helloworld/helloworld.proto
# generate proto code
kratos proto client api/helloworld/helloworld.proto
# generate server template
kratos proto server api/helloworld/helloworld.proto -t internal/service

Compilation and Running

# generate all codes of proto and wire etc.
go generate ./...

# run the application
kratos run

Try it out

curl ''

The response should be
"message": "Hello kratos"

Project Layout

Kratos CLI always pull the layout project from GitHub for project creation. The layout project is: