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Any ORM or library is supported in Kratos project for data accessing. Please refer to the examples for integration.

Ent is an easy-to-use ORM which developed by Facebook. Here is a brief guide to use this library.

Install Ent#

go get

Create Schema#

ent init User

This command will generate schema in project/ent/schema/ directory.

// <project>/ent/schema/user.go
package schema
import ""
// User holds the schema definition for the User entity.type User struct {    ent.Schema}
// Fields of the User.func (User) Fields() []ent.Field {    return nil}
// Edges of the User.func (User) Edges() []ent.Edge {    return nil}

Add two fields name、age to User table.

package schema
import (    ""    "")
// Fields of the User.func (User) Fields() []ent.Field {    return []ent.Field{        field.Int("age").            Positive(),        field.String("name").            Default("unknown"),    }}

Run go generate:

go generate ./ent

Create DB Connection Client#

First, create a new ent.Client. We use SQLite3 here for demonstration.

package main
import (    "context"    "log"
    _ "")
func main() {    client, err := ent.Open("sqlite3", "file:ent?mode=memory&cache=shared&_fk=1")    if err != nil {        log.Fatalf("failed opening connection to sqlite: %v", err)    }    defer client.Close()    // Run the auto migration tool.    if err := client.Schema.Create(context.Background()); err != nil {        log.Fatalf("failed creating schema resources: %v", err)    }}

To create a User in table.

func CreateUser(ctx context.Context, client *ent.Client) (*ent.User, error) {    u, err := client.User.        Create().        SetAge(30).        SetName("a8m").        Save(ctx)    if err != nil {        return nil, fmt.Errorf("failed creating user: %v", err)    }    log.Println("user was created: ", u)    return u, nil}